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February 20, 2018
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"5 years ago Taya was highly recommended to me by a close friend and co-worker. I was looking to purchase a home for my son and I for the first time. Taya was absolutely wonderful and exceeded all my expectations. She made the process painless and exciting. She was always available to answer any questions I had and took the time to explain things to me in a way I could understand. Taya is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and really easy to talk to. Which is why last month when it was time to renew my mortgage I did not hesitate to have Taya help me again. And, just like the first time, she went out of her way to walk me through step by step and secure me the best rate possible. I have complete faith in Taya and would recommend her to anyone considering purchasing a home, renewing a mortgage or refinancing. Thanks for everything Taya!!"
Calgary, AB
"Tamara and I would like to thank Taya Weiszhaar at MortgagesByTaya.com for all of her fantastic help and patience over the course of the last year! It's been a long journey towards home ownership and she has made the mortgage process easy to understand and less stressful. On top of that, she got us a great rate! If you need anything mortgage related go see Taya!"
Stephan Noel
Sudbury, ON
"If anyone is interested in buying a house soon or down the road, I strongly suggest calling Taya Weiszhaar and Tracy Goodwin Farquhar. They helped us find our dream home and we are so thankful we had their help! They are very knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and just a pleasure to work with! Buying a house can be overwhelming, stressful and discouraging, but I felt like they were there holding my hand the whole way! Thanks again ladies, You both are amazing!"
Chantale Hodge
North Bay, ON
"I was looking to purchase a home and needed to know what I could afford in a mortgage "yesterday". The home I had been looking for was finally on the market, but there were others interested. I knew the only way for me to have this home was to go in with as clean an offer as possible. My realtor suggested I try Taya who worked for the Mortgage Group. I decided it could not hurt to try an alternative means for getting a mortgage. I gave Taya a call. After our discussion and a request for my personal financial information Taya set the wheels in motion. Within a few days I was cleared to put my offer in and move forward with my plan to own my own home. Taya made this all happen for me via fax, email and phone conversations. She is very knowledgeable about the company she represents and was super efficient in obtaining the answers I required to move forward with my purchase. She took the time to answer all my questions and explain the different types of borrowing I could qualify for. The interest rate was better than I could have done at any bank. Our original contact business is now complete. Taya still keeps in touch via email advising me of other products that might be available to me. It is like I have my own personal banker. Thanks Taya for a job well done. "
Elizabeth Robitaille
Kirkland Lake, ON
"We had such a great experience working with Taya! She was very available if we had questions or concerns and if she was busy she would get back to us in a very timely fashion. Taya is also incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and she takes the time to explain things to you instead of just quickly going through the paperwork. You get to build a trusting relationship, which was incredibly important to us. We definitely felt like it was a friendly environment rather than closing a business deal. Would highly recommend her to anyone, and will be recommending her to my friends and family in the future! Thank you Taya for being so great at what you do and for giving us an amazing customer service experience as we bought our first home. It was such an exciting time in our lives and it’s people like you that take the stress away!! "
Jen & Matt Mitchell
"We are so VERY happy that we have Taya as our mortgage broker!!!! We had the privilege of having her as our broker before & we were able to have her as our broker again!! She is always open, honest & available to us. We really appreciate that she keeps it real & doesn't hold back on telling us the way things are or look. She is so great at answering all of our questions & she is very informative too. We also appreciate how quick she is in getting back to us & makes us feel like we are her top priority. We would recommend Taya to anyone that needs a mortgage :-) THANK YOU SO MUCH TAYA, YOU ARE WONDERFUL AT WHAT YOU DO!!!!!!! "
Ron & Veronica Esau
Strathmore, AB
"My husband and I found a home that needed a ridiculous amount of work, but it had good bones and the property was exactly what we were looking for. In our area we were having a very tough time finding one that met out needs and wants. I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend Taya as she had just had her mortgage redone and was very happy. A little skeptical about the distance being a problem I sent her a message on her website and heard back from her within the day. After explaining the situation of the house, (I already have been told by a bank it could not be done) she took the time to give me a bit of an education. We didn't meet the purchase plus improvements program that most banks offered and it was definitely not a construction loan, and on top of it, it was a private sale. She said 'leave it with me'.. to make a long story short we are in our dream home! After 6 months of crazy.. paperwork.. renovations.. progress advances.. and countless phone calls and emails... Taya made it happen.. She worked late in the evenings, on weekends, whenever we needed her.. whatever we needed! Everything fell into place easily on our end.. we had so much stress with little kids, reno's and work, she secured us a great low rate and took care of everything. I couldn't be happier with her work. I tell everyone.. "If anyone can do it, Taya can!" Thanks again Taya. "
Steph & Brad
Kirkland Lake, ON
"As first time home buyers, Taya made our experience very enjoyable. She was there for us every step of the way and was always quick to answer any questions we had. She was very professional, patient and made us feel like part of her family. Thank you! "
Nicholas & Raeannen Thibert
Sudbury, ON
"My husband and I honestly thought it would take us a long time to be able to buy a house, but when an opportunity came up to buy a family members home we called Taya right away. She started on our file, explained to us what had to be done and how to do it. The next thing you know we were signing papers. I know that this would have never happened, if we didn't call Taya. And she secured us great low rate too! Thanks for making our dreams come true. "
Terri-Anne & Matt Giesler
Powassan, ON
"I found Taya through my niece and I am so thankful I did! Taya was great to work with and for my needy personality, she kept me informed at every stage of re-mortgaging. She calculated various scenarios and presented me with financing options I didn’t know I had. Within ONE year I will be in single digit countdown to mortgage freedom and within reach for my retirement! Thank you Taya :)"
North Bay, ON
"My first experience with buying a home was quite overwhelming. Where do I start, who do I go to with questions. My real estate agent suggested I try Taya at The Mortgage Group. I shopped around at local banks, I was left quite unsatisfied. Mortgage rates were not anything to get excited over. I finally decided to call Taya…. I cannot express the amount of professionalism, expertise and effort Taya has put forth towards the purchase of my first home. I personally had a few set backs; none the less Taya was always there with encouraging news and direction on how we would move forward. Taya works way beyond her call of duty, and I promise you with my word, you will not regret choosing Taya as your Mortgage Broker. Best of all she offered second to NONE Mortgage rates, and you do not pay her. I will be a returning customer!"
Timiskaming, ON
"Here's the thing. Just give Taya a call, and explain to her what you plan to do. She will guide and help you all the way, even after you get the keys to your new house. As a first time home buyer, I did not have a clue where to start. My colleague Vern said, "Give Taya a call", so I did. Now that I'm in my new "old" house, I can look back and say Vern was right. Taya has the ability to explain to you in plain English what is going to happen, how much its going to cost you and also what too look out for in the mortgage market. The cheapest rate is not necessarily the best solution for you. There are so many different types of mortgages, but Taya is very good at finding a good deal based on the needs you have. She will provide you with all the information you need and request - and best of all... she works for free... :) My experience with Taya has been absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend Taya as your mortgage broker."
Sudbury, ON
"Working with Taya was great as she was so easy and fun to talk to. Her attitude, explanation of the various products available and how to use the products effectively for mortgage reduction made it so easy for us to refinance and take advantage of the lower interest rates. Upon refinancing …Taya kept in contact with us and continued to help us with all of our questions. Our experience has been very good, easy and non-stressful and thanks to Taya we will now be mortgage free much sooner."
Tina J.
Sudbury, ON
"We recently decided to refinance our house. Although leery at first, we finally decided to use the services of a mortgage broker. And we are so happy that we did! Taya was a joy to work with, she was prompt, personable, professional and knowledgeable. She made the entire process painless and rewarding. Her ability to solve problems and get us what we wanted and needed was spectacular. Her advice regarding financial decisions was communicated to us with confidence and wisdom, yet left us free to decide what we felt was best for us. I would feel very secure in recommending Taya to anyone looking to buy a house or refinance a house. Thank you for everything Taya! "
M. & M. Cull
New Liskeard, ON
"Buying a house is probably the most important and expensive purchase most people will ever make. When you are dealing with that important a decision you don’t want to be left on your own as this can cause headaches and potentially cost thousands of dollars. When I started looking for a mortgage broker I was fortunate enough to call Taya, since I come from a lending background I have a good understanding of finance but Taya proved herself to be invaluable to me as she walked me through the winding road of getting a mortgage. She showed me patience as I asked my million questions and never wavered in her support of my goals. She explained every step of the mortgage approval and closing stages and made it as painless as possible for me to buy my home. I cannot speak highly enough of Taya and I will be forever grateful to her and what she has helped my family achieve."
J. & K. Morissette
"My husband and I just by chance stumbled upon our dream home and as first time home buyers we had no idea what to do or where to turn. Friends told us that a mortgage broker was the way to go and that Taya works miracles… she truly does. Taya helped us through everything… we bought a house via private sale therefore she even helped us step by step. She was always there when I had my little freak out moments and even enjoyed talking about my excitement! She truly does wonderful work and we will for sure be recommending her to everyone we know and we will be contacting Taya again!! THANK YOU SO MUCH"
Yves & Andree Serre
Warren, ON
"My Credit Union of 25yrs wouldn’t come near the interest rate Taya secured for me! With similar payments that I was making to my bank and the lower rate I received from Taya , I was able to reduce my amortization and will be mortgage-free several years earlier. Her knowledge of the mortgage market and her expertise in the different packages available, truly make her one stop shopping. Her ability to accommodate my need for evenings and weekends to refinance my mortgage were greatly appreciated! I highly recommend Taya for all your mortgage needs!"
Coniston, ON
"Taya was great throughout the entire process. She was there for us with answers to all of our questions every step of the way. She got us a great rate and we will definitely be recommending her to our friends! Thanks again for everything Taya! "
Jon & Trudy
Calgary, AB
"Being a first time home buyer, having the support and devotion of Taya made the experience very easy. I wouldn't even think twice about using Taya at TMG for all of my future property purchases! "
Blair Mitchell
Strathmore, AB
"Happy New Year Taya, I hope all is well with you and thanks again for everything, you helped me out big time. You were very prompt and courteous. I will be using you again in the future and referring you to my friends and family looking for a mortgage. Take care and have a fabulous year! "
Dwayne Penney
Strathmore, AB
"Thank you very much for all your help. You've been just as big a help this time as you were the first time; that's why we came back to you. I can't imagine why anyone would ever want to go it alone...anyways, thanks again from us both and look forward to speaking with you again soon. "
Chris & Sarah
Calgary, AB
"Taya, your service was very personal and courteous. All your knowledge and skill made for our experience very pleasant. You made me feel like I was important. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a mortgage. Thank you for all your assistance in obtaining our mortgage. "
"I was once told that Taya works miracles and my first thought was "yeah right, nobody can find me financing for this house I love sooo much" but then I met Taya and was immediately WOWED by her personality, patience, and determination! Taya CAN really work miracles and then some! If it wasn't for Taya and her devoted efforts, my family and I wouldn't be enjoying our home now! Thank you Taya, My Miracle Worker"
M. & J. Leblanc
Standard, AB
"When we were in financial difficulty, Taya went above our expectations to help us. Taya gave us great financial advice, information & hope that we could have a secure financial future. I love the fact that she sincerely wants to help people, it’s not just a job for her. She is obviously very passionate about her work and it shows. I recommend her not only for mortgages, but for help in creating a strong financial background. We feel revitalized and in control and we are so excited about our future!! "
G. & T. Wallace
Strathmore, AB
"Thank you so much for helping us get our mortgage. Your service went above and beyond of what one could reasonably expect. You professionalism is quite evident throughout the process that we went through. You made this so easy that it seemed effortless and we are confident that we got the best mortgage rate going. Thank you so much for your time and effort and we will not hesitate to recommend you to anybody. "
Hank & Debbie Klassen
Assiniboia, SK
"What a superb experience using Tayas services. We tried with a couple banks before, but as first time home buyers, the bank didn't understand our needs. Then we found this incredible internet site. We have looked at many different broker sites and not many brokers have a nice clear and constructed internet site as Taya does. At that moment, we knew, Taya would be our mortgage agent. Her work was perfect and she was so dedicated to our needs. Now we are proud new home owners. We are really grateful!"
Steve & Mylaine
"My boyfriend & I were first time home buyers and had no idea what we needed or where to start. My step mom told me about Taya and I am so glad that she did. Taya helped us with everything, she gave us suggestions on who to go with for a realtor and which lawyers would be able to help us the best. She also helped us with what type of mortgage financing we needed and did everything for us so that we were able to get our dream home and at a great rate! I have learned so much and when it is time to re-mortgage or buy a new home, we will be calling Taya again. "
Samantha Hadden & David Mitchell
Strathmore, AB
"Taya is the ultimate mortgage agent! She was caring, concerned, very knowledgeable and available anytime we needed questions answered. As first-time home buyers, she helped us greatly with the purchase of our home. We truly appreciate that she did everything possible to meet the financing requirements that we desired. For our future mortgage needs, Taya will ALWAYS be our first choice."
Robin & Josee Boyer
Sturgeon Falls, ON
"Taya was very professional and understanding of our decision to refinance our mortgage. She was there for everything we needed and helped us a great deal. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking into any refinancing options. We did try a local bank first, and after 6 weeks of trying to call every day to see what was happening, we gave up and stopped trying. Taya got all our financing approved with a great rate and within 2 weeks we were sitting at the lawyers signing papers! Without her help we would have never been able to get the renovations to our house that were desperately required!"
Patrick & Natalie Thompson
Sturgeon Falls, ON
"As a first time home owner, I had been dealing with some challenges and I was convinced that owning my own home would be out of the question. Thats when I found Taya. She is an excellent mortgage broker who has exceeded all my expectations. She is very knowledgeable in her field of work. Her friendly, positive attitude was truly a blessing during the entire process of securing financing. She truly does go the extra mile, Thank you, Taya. Without any hesitation I would recommend her to anyone in need of her services."
Mandy Boulay
Sturgeon Falls, ON
"Accommodating, knowledgeable, experienced and a wealth of information. Taya exceeded our expectations, we highly recommend her to anyone wanting a good mortgage broker. She secured us a lower rate than our own bank was willing to offer!"
R. & T. Feick
Sudbury, ON
"We recently had the distinct pleasure of having Taya Weiszhaar assist us with the financing of a land purchase so that we can build the home of our dreams. We simply could not have asked for a more knowledgeable, personable, and diligent mortgage professional than Taya. She left no question unanswered, and no stone unturned in her quest to find us the best possible mortgage package for this purchase. Thank you, Taya. You are the best! "
Russ & Jamie Giles
Red Deer, AB
"As first time home buyers, my boyfriend Derek and I were doing our best to do everything right. We looked through thousands of listings, had a checklist of what we did and did not want in a home, called every major bank and lending institution in the country to try and find the best mortgage rate. After hours on the phone, and even more time doing math more advanced than I am comfortable with, we finally chose a bank and filled in the many pages of paperwork and we made an offer on a home. But our real estate agent had a final suggestion though, to call a broker she works with. I did and discovered I didnt know much about how a broker works and was very grateful Taya explained everything to me, with no obligation. - -She also gave us a better rate, with a better term!! - - We were able to save thousands of dollars (she did the math, so I know its right) and we were also able to feel confident that we had in fact gotten the best rate possible!! She didnt just give us a good rate though...Taya answered every question I had, even those outside of a usual brokers realm. She was always available to better explain something I did not know. The experience working with Taya was amazing! And I would recommend her to anyone looking for making their home-buying experience a little less stressful. "
Kirsten Mundy & Derek Rohling
Strathmore, AB
"One day me and my other half were looking into building a house, but because of being young and not having enough good credit in our names, we were having a hard time getting accepted. Not because we didnt have good credit, but only because of being so young with not enough credit in our names. We then found out about an older couple who were selling their property. The next day of being rejected by the banks, we received in the mail a pamphlet about a girl who lived not to far from us, working as a mortgage broker. Being scared of getting rejected again, we tried it carefully, to buy the property that was put up for sale. Taya, came to where we were staying, and asked us a couple of questions about our income. After spending an hour or two talking with us, she then told us that she would do her best to get us approved. Soon enough Taya called me, telling me that everything looked good, but we still had a lot of work to do, because of some concerns with the property and it was a private sale. After struggling up and down with good and bad news, Taya doing everything she could to help us out, we finally were approved for our house on a big property. ..... .... ... ... .... -------- Even better, she got us a lower interest rate than our bank would have given had they approved us ----- We are so thankful, for everything that Taya has done for us. She went out of her way to get us approved because of her we are now going to enjoy our future together in our new home. Thank you so much Taya! "
Renee Aitchison & Paul Descoteaux
River Valley, ON
"Thank you Taya, for your brilliant work in securing a mortgage at a terrific interest rate, so we could purchase our family dream of weekend vacation property by the lake. Thank you for taking the time to clearly explain all our options and constantly looking out for our best interest. We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know and will absolutely be calling you when our home mortgage comes up for renewal."
D & D Roberts
Calgary, AB
"Taya provided great customer service throughout the whole process....she was always a phone call away and had all the answers to my questions, while finding me the perfect product for my needs."
Matthew Overton
Calgary, AB
"As a first-time home buyer, having Taya on my team was invaluable. Along with being very pleasant to deal with, Taya is extremely knowledgeable and took the time to explain the available options and scenarios clearly. Before meeting Taya I was lost in various constantly-changing quotes from different lenders and confused by the different options available to me. The time that I was able to save and the confidence that I gained by dealing with Taya made all the difference. I will not hesitate to recommend Taya to anyone looking to enter-into or re-negotiate a mortgage. Thank you Taya!"
Kevin Keenan
Calgary, AB
"Wow! Taya, you took what for me was a very stressful time and listened and did everything you could short of pulling a rabbit out of a hat (and I think that is actually what you did). As a single woman, trying to refinance Revenue property is not a walk in the park but during my journey, Taya was there, leading the way! Your steadfast dedication and never quit attitude to helping me obtain my mortgage was a blessing, you truly are a Miracle Worker in my eyes and I will pass your name on to anyone and everyone of my friends that need an excellent, honest, hardworking Mortgage Broker. I encourage everyone, regardless if you live in Ontario or Alberta to contact this amazing woman who truly cares, not very common these days. Taya is very efficient and has amazing connections in both provinces to make getting a mortgage stress-free. You have my business for life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am very grateful!"
Calgary, AB
"Taya, Thank you for reviewing my file to re-mortgage my 10 acre piece of raw land in Priddis, Alberta. The combination of the failing market and the fact that I am self employed made it impossible to receive a mortgage through typical lending streams. I had exhausted all of my options and then when I gave up and thought of bankruptcy, a good friend of mine referred me to you and your services. You made me feel comfortable right away and also gave me the reality of the situation that I was in. It was not likely that we would receive funding without a co-sign and/or lien on another property. YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!! In fact, I still do not know how it worked?! It was a miracle and you are the miracle worker! You walked me through absolutely every step and calmed me down when the waiting game started. The fact that the lender went on vacation over the Christmas season for almost 2 weeks without notifying us, almost sent me over the deep end. You were there and you allowed me to vent and calmed me back down. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and will always sing your praises! You have a Client and a friend for life! Thank you Taya! "
Catherine Brownlee
Calgary, AB
"Taya is the best! In just 1 week, she was able to get our mortgage refinanced at a much lower interest rate, saving us money! Taya is very professional and efficient, we highly recommended her! "
Agnes & Tuoyo Abati
Calgary, AB
"Thank you so much for all your hard work on our behalf. Without your relentless persistence I am convinced we never would have qualified for our mortgage. You remained committed and didnt waiver from your goal of obtaining us a mortgage even though we seemed to run into one obstacle after another. There was more than one occasion that we felt we had exhausted every avenue and yet you refused to take no for an answer. We were very lucky to have been referred to you, our sincere appreciation for everything. "
James & Tammy Ballantyne
Strathmore, AB
"I am a first time home buyer. I could not believe everything that needed to get done and wasnt really sure where to start. I had talked to my bank, they were really no help at all. After talking to my realtor, and them explaining the steps I will need to take, he told me to give Taya a call. This was the best thing I could have done. I was a lost person unsure of where to start. After my first conversation with Taya, I knew I was in the right hands. She made the steps to owning my first house so easy, and who would have thought I could do it all by email and fax. Taya made each step easy. Even with my credit history she was able to help me improve it and get the approval from the bank. Taya was always a phone call away with any issue I may have had, even after my 10th call of the day. When I got the phone call one Saturday afternoon saying that I was approved for my first house I was in tears. Taya went out of her way to let me know that everything was approved. What mortgage broker or bank would do that. If you are a first time buyer or even 2nd or 10th house, I would strongly suggest that you go with Taya as your mortgage broker. I cannot express enough how much Taya has helped me and made me feel comfortable with the whole thing. Thank you so much Taya! "
Tracy Dick
Strathmore, AB
"Thank you very much for all your efforts Taya! You have truly solidified our working relationship for all future mortgage needs. I cannot express enough how successful things went in dealing with you and how much I preach this to my colleagues. Of the entire relocation process, your part was the only thing that went off without a hitch and kept us stress-free;! I truly appreciate it. I look forward to working with you again in the future. "
Russ & Nicole Webb
Strathmore, AB
"Hi Taya, Im in my new condo now, and I just wanted to say thanks for all your help in arranging my mortgage. I never used a mortgage broker before and was unaware of the various mortgage products out there. I really appreciate your patience in explaining things and making sure I had all the information to make an informed decision. I will certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a mortgage."
M. Nerbas
Calgary, AB
"The thought of purchasing my first home was daunting, where to start, what to do. I was given Taya Weiszhaars name by a co-worker who said she was really nice. Im glad I decided to contact her. Taya was very helpful, she walked me through everything - from start to finish. She was always available either by email or phone, always respectful even when I would ask the same question over and over again. She made the process easier to understand and enjoyable. Thanks Taya!"
Colleen Wheeler
Calgary, AB
"I would recommend Taya to anyone looking for a mortgage representative without hesitation. She was very helpful and diligent in her efforts to find me the best possible mortgage to suit my lifesytle and finances. As I work all over Western Canada I found Taya was very accomodating in her communication methods. Overall I would score Taya a 10 out of 10 because everything I wanted in a mortgage I got and everything was completed within my tight time schedule which impressed me."
Blair Paul
Calgary, AB
"I would like to thank Taya for the excellent service we received from her in finding us a mortgage. Not once but twice now in a very short period of time. Taya was recommended to me as a mortgage broker by my realtor back in January of 2008 when we were looking to buy a new home. She made the whole process go so smoothly and seemlessly. She knows her business and knows her markets and what will and wont work. I was comfortable with her right from the beginning and placed my trust in her completely. She has a wonderful personality to go along with her business acumen. I used her services again in May of this year to buy a second property for one of my children. Once again, the experience was great. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone or to use her services again. Thanks Taya."
Chris & Ken Hadden
Strathmore, AB
"Taya is definitely recommended for the first time buyer, as we were. Her keen knowledge of market conditions and products, lent years of know-how to us. Her attention to our needs and care in the process made this a very simple and comforting experience. By subscribing to her email list we are kept in the loop as to what changes in the market are affecting us; there is no end to the benefits she has provided us. "
Chris & Sarah
Calgary, AB
"Things could not have been easier, especially for our first house!! Taya was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable with what she does. Took the shock and nervousness of buying our home out of the picture and made it a reality for us. I would recommend Taya to anyone that is looking for outstanding service, knowledge and great rates!"
C. & K. Fenton
Calgary, AB
"My husband and I worked with Taya for our mortgage in 2008. I have never felt so informed and involved with my mortgage than I have with working with Taya versus the current mortgage I have. She was always wiling to answer any of our questions. We loved that she was more than willing to work on our time schedule. We not only see Taya as our mortgage associate but also as a friend, whom is looking out for our best interests. We appreciate the time and effort Taya put into our mortgage and for getting us the best mortgage possible!"
Heather & Trevor McKinnon
Strathmore, AB
"My boyfriend and I were first-time homebuyers and recent college graduates with a little debt. We were starting to think that purchasing a home in the Calgary area might only be a dream. After 6 months of pessimism dealing directly with the banks, we were thankfully referred to Taya. Taya made the process of buying our first home easy and comfortable. I can not thank her enough for her hard work and positivity helping us with our not so good financial situation and making a dream come true. Thank you so much Taya!"
Sherry and Robin
Strathmore, AB
"My experience with Taya was excellent. She was fast, friendly, efficient and made sure everything was taken care of. I did not panic or stress over any issues as I had with my first house purchase. I have passed Tayas name along to friends, whom have also been very happy with her services. Taya went above and beyond all of my expectations and I will continue to pass her name along to anyone."
Kerri Kozak
Calgary, AB
"We had consulted with mortgage brokers in our area and they had stated that a mortgage would be impossible for us, due to the fact that I was a recent graduate and that we lacked a credit history. After speaking with Taya she found us the perfect mortgage financing company and also gave us great tips on how to improve our credit! I would recommend Taya to anybody looking for a mortgage broker!"
Evelyn Ducharme & Joey Wilkinson
Macdowall, SK
"Taya was really great in helping me find the perfect mortgage. Being a first time home buyer, I was very unsure of the steps involved in buying a home and she took the time to explain everything to me. She was extremely patient, helpful and she made me feel taken care of. I would recommend her to any of my friends!"
Sara Kukko
Calgary, AB
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